Natural Fertility Awareness with Daysy

Daysy is not the same as contraception - but thanks to Daysy you know exactly when to use contraception!

Sex is one of the most delightful things in the world. However, there is always the possibility of becoming pregnant deliberately or unexpectedly, if contraception is not used. If pregnancy is a risk, it can make sex less enjoyable. The use of condoms is always a good option - also to protect against sexually transmitted diseases - but those who are in a committed relationship may no longer want to use a barrier method with their partner, and prefer to have unprotected sex. The alternatives are often to use a coil, a diaphragm or an implant or, as is most common, to take the pill. However, all forms of hormonal or invasive contraception have side effects, from those that lower quality of life to the life threatening, such as increased risk of thrombosis, depression, and heart problems.

To change this and enable women like you to deal more naturally with their fertility, we have developed fertility tracker Daysy: Daysy can tell you when you have your fertile and non fertile days. Unlike other methods, Daysy makes it easy to find out whether you are in your fertile or infertile phase. The simple and intuitive operation of Daysy lets you know the current state of your fertility within seconds. All you have to do is measure your basal body temperature under your tongue with Daysy in the morning immediately upon awakening and before getting out of bed. In addition, you confirm each day of menstrual bleeding, starting with the first day. Based on your data and those from 5 million menstrual cycles and 30 years of research, Daysy's algorithm calculates within seconds, and with 99.4% accuracy, whether you are fertile or not.

Daysy makes predicting your fertile and infertile days much easier than other forms of natural family planning. To avoid pregnancy with the Daysy ovulation calculator, all you need to do is take your basal body temperature each morning when you wake up and enter your menstrual data. Then, simply let Daysy handle the rest.

Every woman is only fertile on 6 days per cycle - so why worry about contraception every day?

With daysy’s simple color coding system you're always on the safe side.

If daysy gives you the green light, then you are not fertile and you can enjoy being together with your partner.

When you get a red light you are fertile and should abstain or use a barrier method of contraception such as condoms, a diaphragm or a sponge.

Yellow days indicate cycle fluctuations and daysy's learning phase. To avoid an unwanted pregnancy you should handle yelow days like red days, and also use an additional barrier method - just in case.

With daysy you enjoy the same security as with many hormonal methods, but do not suffer from the side effects. Furthermore, daysy does not influence or change your cycle in any way.

One of the advantages of Daysy is the ability to explore your own cycle and get to know your body better. Traditional methods of contraception cannot compete in this respect. Quite the contrary, due to strong side effects and risks, women unfortunately only get to know health problems. This is not an issue when using Daysy!

Apart from the simple measurement of your basal body temperature in the morning and the input of your menstruation days, nothing else is necessary so that you can become aware of your cycle and body - without any side effects!

Furthermore, Daysy has a proven accuracy of 99.4% - but please remember that Daysy itself is not a contraceptive, but rather indicates when you need to use a contraceptive! (Please keep in mind that you can protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases only by using condoms, too!)

Find your own personal relationship with your body without compromising your health with synthetic hormones, and their associated cycle and mood changes*, health risks etc! Know your cycle, know yourself!

*By the way: Hormones not only change your cycle, they can also affect your libido. So when you suddenly feel an irrepressible urge to become intimate again, that is quite normal - and the only "side effect" that comes with using Daysy. ;)

Daysy allows you to be the unique and perfect woman that you are!

Daysy is effective for women with cycles between 19-40 days in length.